Bunk House Shoot

At the the beginning of the year, my friend Eva Kolenko asked Rick and I to do a photoshoot for her portfolio. I was delighted by the change of tune and immediantly said yes! Plus, I would have a bunch of new photos to share with you guys! It was shot in the beautiful Marin county, which is across the golden gate bridge heading to Napa. We shot the photos in a bunkhouse that Eva rented with another couple. We did a bunch of really intimate shots, that became awkward  at times because we had to do it over 10 or more times! It was a LONG and fun day, I now have a new found respect for any model out there! Sharing some of my favorites below and check out the full shot list on Eva's blog here. 

Photography by: Eva Kolenko | Wardrobe styling by: Jenn Bonnett | Prop Styling by: Natasha Kolenko