Studio Tour

This month I am celebrating my one year anniversary in the Bay Area. It's been a year of ups and downs, celebrations and mistakes for my business and personal life. I am so happy I was able to make the move up from Los Angeles to Oakland, it has been such an adventure! The bay has treated me well and I have been able to build my business this past year with the thriving community of Oakland creatives.

I probably shouldn't have gotten my studio when I did, but boy am I glad I took that leap (where would all my product have gone?)! To celebrate, I finally was able to photograph my space with the amazing photographer Daniel Dent. I must have changed the layout of my studio at least a dozen times, making my studio mate Gabriel help me in the process (move this here, no over there!). I think I am happy with how everything turned out and I can say that I spent many late nights on Pinterest trying to get inspired! With the help of my good friend, Adrian Clutario, I was able to stick with a layout that would help keep me the most organized and productive. Thanks for following along on this journey and enjoy the tour!