Learn how to carve!

We had a lot of personal projects happening in the studio this past summer. My book, Carve was coming out in August and I knew there would be a wave of new carvers hungrily awaiting to tackle this amazing craft! I wanted to make sure that people understood how to carve and use all the tools properly. So we partnered with the amazing team at Understory to create 4 videos that taught you what to do to make 3 projects from the book: the spoon, river stone & the fork and knife. Plus a bonus video that shared carving techniques on how to use both a Japanese spoon gouge and whittling knife!

Each video now comes with the respective carving kit, or you can buy them individually in the shop. The Understory made a super great Trailer for the videos as well, so you can see each project you can make! Check it out and see our interview with The Understory Team, Maya and Fabian here.